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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Job Descriptions

The following jobs fulfill 1 volunteer commitment unless otherwise stated.  A total of 5 commitments are required to be on the team.

**All volunteers must arrive to meets at least 30 minutes in advance of their shift.


Bench Runner

Bench runners will ensure all kids are marked with event, heat and lane and will get kids lined up prior to meet start (must be ready early!!) and throughout the meet. Young kids' relays are VERY important and both ends of the pool must be lined up and ready to go (1/3 on start side and 2/4 on opposite). You MUST obtain a current heat sheet from officials before the meet, and please highlight our swimmers on your sheet so you can quickly identify them. The Block Helpers will stand behind the blocks and make sure that our swimmers are in the proper lane and heat order, but you must get them there.

Block Helper

Block Helpers will ensure that all swimmers are in the right lane and the right heat, in stacks of 3-4 swimmers prior to event starts. This is a critical role to ensure that all the swimmers can show what they have worked so hard for! This position must have current heat sheets (please double check with Meet Official and Head Coach (or Team Rep). Please take half of total lanes and help BOTH teams. They also need to make sure the swimmers know when it is their time to race. Sometimes there are heats where there won't be a swimmer in every lane and the child in the next heat needs to know not to go at that time and wait for their heat. Coordinate with our coaches and Bench Runner if you need assistance in finding one of our swimmers or if you need clarification on which lane the swimmer should be in.

Clean up - Boys' and Girls' Restrooms 

This person will be responsible for cleaning the boy's & girl's restrooms during the first half of the meet and after our home swim meet. Cleaning equipment can be found inside the small room to the right of the restrooms.

Clean up -Trash Removal 

This person will be responsible to gather all trash inside and outside the Rec Center. ***at least 2 bags per slot must be taken offsite to be disposed of -- please consider your vehicle*** No need to wait till end of meet to clean up. Walking the grounds during the meet will make the clean up easier at the end of the meet.

Concession Assistant 

Three people will be scheduled to work concession for food and drink to purchase at a home meet along with the Concessions Coordinator. Concessions needs to be ready to open by the first warm-up time, but also includes ALL delivery and setup. You will work with the Concessions Coordinator to load/unload concession items, prepare concessions for sales, and clean up concession area after the meet.

Concessions Coordinator

This position requires that you take the lead on all concessions food and drinks. This will include you setting up an online food donation list and coordinating the drop off at the Rec Center. This person will also coordinate picking up any additional required food, this is at the team expense, please save receipts and give to Team Manager. This requires the ability to be at the Rec Center at least ONE hour before the meet for setup.

Concessions Setup 

This person needs to arrive at the Rec Center an hour prior to warm-up time. This person will help the Concessions Coordinator in any manner required. This could require leaving the premises to purchase tacos, donuts or other required items.

Concessions Take Down 

This position requires you to stay after the completion of the meet to help Concessions Coordinator cleanup in any way required. This person will help clean the bathrooms, store food, mop the Rec Center and could also require helping the Team Reps take items offsite.

Donut Delivery - Monday Following Meet 

This person will bring 4-5 dozen donuts to the Monday practice following a meet. The purchase of the donuts will NOT be reimbursed by the team, this donation is at your own expense, but this job is worth 3 volunteer points.

Event Ribbons

Ribbons persons will be in charge of handing out heat ribbons to the swimmers after every heat. There will be one KC parent handing out ribbons during each half of the meet. One person will be assigned lanes 1-3 and a member from the other team will have lanes 4-6. A ribbon apron will be provided to wear and it will contain the heat ribbons. Ribbons will be given out for all 6 places in each heat for ages 10 and under. Most events have several heats within them. These ribbons are for fun and are not the final placement ribbons, so don't be too concerned if it's a close call between two or more swimmers and their finishing place in the heat. You can ask the lane timers for clarification on swimmers times if you need assistance to figure out placement.

Head Timer 

Head timer will be responsible to advise start timers and to provide back up stop watches to lane timers that have missed the start or are having problem with the stop watches.

Heat Sheet Runner 

The Heat Runner will collect the timer sheets from the lane timers as well as the DQ slips from the stroke and turn judges. The runner will give all sheets to the scorekeeper to enter into the computer. The runner will also make sure all timers and meet officials have some bottled water to drink from the team cooler.

Hosting Team Support

This position is a "floater" to fill any gaps that exist in volunteering. The Hosting team usually fills roles such as Heat Runner (collect the timer sheets from the lane timers as well as the DQ slips from the stroke and turn judges and distribution of water). However, sometimes this and other roles such as timers are unfilled.

Meet Setup - Blocks, Lanes and Backstroke Flags 

This job starts at least 1 hour prior to warm-up time. Swim blocks, lane markers, backstroke flags, ready benches and canopies must be in place and secure. Chairs and tables on pool deck need to be repositioned on deck or moved into grassy areas **This position must be trained by Team Rep/ Manager.**

Meet Take Down - Outside 

Take down people need to put away the ready benches, swim blocks and all the equipment used during the meet and to arrange all deck chairs/ loungers and close the umbrellas.

Ready Bench

Ready Bench will call the swimmers (one Boys, one Girls) to the ready bench area. They will also be in charge of updating the Event Display. They will call swimmers to the bench at least 4 events ahead of what is racing in the pool at that time. Relay events go very fast so you must ensure your relay teams are ready well in advance of their races! *(depends on how many heats there are in the event and how fast things are moving).

Ribbon Labeling

Affix final placements stickers to the back of the ribbons, this will require you to stay approximately 30+ minutes after the completion of the meet. You will need to turn the ribbons and dq slips into one of the coaches.

Scorekeeper Helper

The Score Keeper Helper aids the score keeper. You will help create final placement calculating scores and times and assisting the scorekeeper helper. Plan to stay about 30+ minutes after the meet is complete.

Setup / Wrap Up

People signing up for this job will coordinate delivery, set up, take down and return to SOCOMA all popup tent, ready benches and any other equipment.

Stroke & Turn Judges

The Stroke and Turn judge watch swimmer's strokes and turns for compliance with regulations. This position requires that you attend a training session provided by the Lone Star Summer Swim League. Contact the Team Manager for more information. This is a good position for those who have been involved in competitive swimming personally or in support of their kids for a while.

Swim Meet Alternate

Check in with Volunteer Manager at beginning of meet.


Timers use a stopwatch to time each swimmer in their lane.  They verify the name of the swimmer with the name on their sheet before the swimmer gets on the starting blocks.  There will be three timers assigned to each lane.  The times from the 3 timers are recorded on the lane sheets and the average time becomes the official time for that swimmer.  One of the timers will be the recording timer who documents the times of all three timers in the lane.  The time sheets will be turned over to the Runner when each page is complete.

Volunteer Communication Coordinator

The Volunteer Communication Coordinator is a position that lasts for the entire season and will fulfill all volunteer requirements. This person will be responsible sending reminder emails to the families before each meet of volunteer jobs signed up for during registration. This role is responsible for printing a volunteer check-in list for each meet and quickly training the Volunteer Check-in person for each meet. They will get the check-in list back at the end of the meet and track which families are not meeting their volunteer requirements. 

Volunteer Check-in

This person will be responsible for checking volunteers in before the 1st half of the meet and again at the start of the 2nd half of the meet. This person will coordinate with volunteers and officials to make sure everyone is in their assigned place ready to facilitate the meet. They will need to make notes of which volunteers completed their commitments and return the details to the Volunteer Communications Coordinator at the end of the meet.

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