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Swim Team FAQs

Swim Team FAQ


What is a Summer Swim Team?

The Knights Cross Crusader Swim Team is part of the Lone Star Summer Swim League (LSSSL).  The LSSSL is a South Texas competitive summer swim program that provides the youth of participating San Antonio communities an opportunity to learn about sportsmanship, team camarderie and competitive swimming, while enjoying a fun and healthy summer activity.

How long is the summer swim season?

Summer swim practices begin at the beginning of May and the season extends through the end of June.

How many swim meets are there?

Summer swim consist of 4 swim meets and one championship meet.  The meets typically start at the begining of June and go until the last weekend of the month.  There will be two home meets and two away meets.  Our home meets will always be held on Tuesday evenings when the pool is closed to the neighborhood.  

Knights Cross Crusaders are part of divison C in the LSSSL and we swim 3 meets within our division and one outside our division.  The location of the away meets can be found on the LSSL website www.lsssl.org/teams.php

What are the requirements to join the team?

Our summer swim program is available to HOA and non-HOA families.  Swimmers from the ages of 5-18 (by June 1st) are eligible to join.  If a swimmer is not 5 until June 1st, they will not be allowed to practice or race until their birthday.  All swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool (25 meters) unassisted.  No swimmer will be allowed to swim for another summer swim league/team at the same time.

To join the team, we also require the families to volunteer their time during meets.  Summer swim would not exist without the help of  families!  Besides the coaching, it's a completely volunteer run organization!  We require that each family fill 5 volunteer spots throughout the season.  The spots are first come first serve.  You can sign up at Registration or through the Volunteer Coordinator.  If a family does not fullfill this commitment, then their swimmer will not be able to participated on the team and no money will be refunded.

How to Join the team?

If you are interested in joinging the Knights Cross Crusaders.  Please contact the Team Reps.  Click Here

Where is your pool located?

Our pool is located at the SOCOMA recreational facility at 1000 Knights Cross Blvd

What if my kid doesn't make the team or they want off the team?

If your kid is not able to swim the 25 meters unassisted and does not make the team or you child would like off the swim team, you can request a refund.  All requests for a full refund MUST be made by the deadline stated on your registration form and can be found on the calendar on this site.  If it is after this deadline a refund will not be issued.







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