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Swim Meets

Swim Meet Information


How many swim meets are there?

We have a total of 4 swim meets during the regular season and one championship meet.  During the regular season, two of the swim meets will be at our home pool and two will be away at the opponent's pool.  Three of the meets are against other teams in our division in the LSSSL and one will be outside our division.

How long do the meets last?

Swim meets typically last between 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of swimmers entered in the meet.

When do I need to be there?

All swimmers need to be at the meets 15 minutes before the stated warmup time.  Our swimmers will warmup first at home meets and second at away meets.

Parent volunteers working the first half of a meet need to be at the meets and checked in with the Volunteer Coordinator 30 minutes before the meet begins.

What do we need to bring?

Swimmers: Need to be in their racing suits and their team t-shirts (if you have them). They need to bring goggles (two pairs preferred), swim cap (strongly recommended by the coaches for boys and girls), two towels (one to sit on in team area and one to dry off with), sunscreen, and a sharpie pen to write the events they are swimming in on their arms.  They can also bring any games they want to pass the time and a bag or small cooler with water or electrolyte drinks, as well as healthy snacks for "energy refueling."

Parents:  Please bring a folding chair for you to sit on. You are also welcome to bring pop-up tents or any shade device that you have.  It gets awfully hot outside in June, and some pools have no shade!  You can also bring a cooler or a small fan (handheld mister fans are good for the kids.)

You will also need to bring a heat sheet with you. The coach will email the heat sheet out the night before a meet.

What's a heat sheet?

A heat sheet is a list of all the events scheduled for the meet.  It will show all the swimmers that have entered every event.  The sheet will be broken down by age, sex, race event and distance.  Each individual event is broken down further into heats based on swimmer speed so ideally faster swimmers race against faster swimmers and slower swimmers race against slower swimmers.   The heat sheet will be found on our website and e-mail notification will be sent out as soon as we receive them.

Print the heat sheets prior to the meet.  It's helpful to highlight your swimmers' names and events on the heat sheet so you can find it easier.

Are there Concessions at the meets?

Yes, there are concessions available at swim meets for food and drinks.

What do I do when I arrive at the meet?

Swimmers: Need to first check in with the Head Coach.  Then they need to find a spot in the team sitting area and start getting ready for warm-ups. They also need to write the events that they are swimming on their arm or thigh with a sharpie pen.

Parents: First find a place where you want to sit (at home meets we sit on the side closest to the Rec Center.) Then if you are a volunteer worker for that meet, please check in with the volunteer coordinator immediately and they will tell you where to go. 

How do I know what events my child is swimming in?

The events that your child is swimming in will be posted by the coach at our pool during practices leading up to a meet.  The are usually found hanging on the side of the rec center.  You will also find their events in the heat sheets once they are posted.

How to do I write the events on my child's arm?

Heat Sheet example:

Event 24 Boys 7-8 25SC Meter Backstroke                                                          

Lane   Name                            Age             Team                               Seed Time

Heat 1 of 2 Finals

1  Kirby, Nick                              8               CCH-ST                               11:25.09

2  Woods, Cooper                      7               Knights Cross-ST                 NT (no time)

3  Parker, Jason                         7               CCH-ST                               1:01.65

4  Smith, Taylor                          8               Knights Cross-ST                 1:10.19

If you were Cooper Wood's parents, you will make a chart on your child's arm that lists the event (E), the heat (H), and the lane (L) you child is in.  You list all the events your child is swimming in this chart.  Sometimes it is helpful to the swimmer to write what stroke they are swimming at that time.

E          H          L

24            1             2       Back


How will my child know when it's time for their event?

There will be a tall pole next to the ready bench (rows of benches under a tent where we line up swimmers for their events.) This pole will show the number of the event we are lining the kids up for.  Please watch this number and make sure you kid goes to the ready bench on time. We don't want them to miss their race!  If your kid is preferably in the kid area, our Ready Bench Parents will use a bull horn to announce the information for the kids to hear.  If they are not in the area, it is your responsibility to watch the number and get your kid to the ready bench area on time!

Will I get to watch my child swim if I'm volunteering?

Yes, absolutely!!  We are all parents and are more than happy to take turns covering while you go watch your kids race.

Ribbons: What place did my child get?

There are 2 types of ribbons.

Heat Ribbons: Heat ribbons are usually (but not always) given out after every heat (depends on host team.) Your child needs to make sure they go to the ribbon person to get their ribbon as soon as they get out of the pool.  Please understand that these ribbons are for fun and encouragement.  Sometimes it is hard for the ribbon person to tell exactly what place your child comes in (swimming can come down to hundreths of a second!) 

Final Ribbons: Final ribbons are given to the fastest six swimmers in each event. Since there are many heats in an event, it is possible for your child to win their heat but not place in the top six for the event.  Final ribbons will be handed out at the next team practice during the scheduled "Ribbons and Donuts" time (that is always the last 15 minutes of their scheduled practice.)



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